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Field Use Rules & Procedures

Field Status Updated Daily by 3:00 PM. 

Tino Leto Complex

Please observe all "Field Closed" postings on this web site and all signs posted at the fields. Fields will be closed from time to time to allow the turf to recover from overuse or wet conditions. Every effort will be made to keep some portion of the complex open at all times. A bulletin board installed at the fields has information about the use of the fields and a field map. Please use the links on the top side of this web page for further information. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Por favor observe todas nuestras publicaciones de "campo cerrado" en nuestro sitio web y todos los letrros en los campos. Campos cerrarán de vez en cuando para permitir que el césped se recupere de el uso excesivo o condiciones de humedad. Se harán todos los esfuerzos posibles para mantener una parte del complejo abierto en todo momento. Un tablón de anuncios instalado en los campos tiene información sobre el uso de los campos y un mapa del campo. Utilice los vínculos en la parte izquierda de esta página web para obtener más información. Su cooperación es muy apreciada.

Tino Leto Fields Usage Rules:

  1. Every coach/trainer/manager present at any event at Tino Leto must check that every goal your team uses during the event is properly anchored.  Extra sand bags are located at the small shed at the northeast corner of the complex.
  2. You should expect that the fields at Tino Leto will be closed for at least 24 hours after any rain event totaling over 3/4-1 inch.  If you arrive at the fields and there are visible puddles and/or your foot pressure brings water to the surface of the ground, cancel your practice and stay off of all grass fields.
  3. TLF Fields 2, 3, 5, & 6 are the practice fields.  When you arrive for your scheduled/approved practice date, you may use any open portion of those fields (check Bulletin Board first to see if any field is reserved for a Game/Friendly/Scrimmage).  You can also use the west end (furthest away from parking lot) of TLF 1 if there is no scheduled event on that field (check bulletin board).
  4. You may NOT use a field that is posted with "Field Closed" signs.
  5. TLF Field 4 is our U9-U10 game field and is ONLY available for U9-U10 Training & Games.  If you have an approved game scheduled on TLF 4 and the field closed signs are posted on the field when you arrive for your game, please remove the signs and place them next to the maintenance garage (DO NOT lay the signs on the grass!  It smothers/kills the grass).  All fast foot drills (practice cones placed closely together) are NOT to be done on TLF 4.  Please do those drills/warm-ups off the field in the support areas.  Please remind visiting coaches/teams of this rule.
  6. Please share the fields with all SCCSA teams.  Even though we limit the number of teams practicing on any given date, there may be situations when more teams are at the fields.  For example:  If the fields are closed on Tuesday night (due to a rain out), twice as many teams may show up for a practice on Wednesday night.  In those cases, please limit your practice to a small space so that every team can get in a practice to prepare for games and tournaments.
  7. During practice/training DO NOT use any portion of any lined field for "fast footwork" drills and warm-ups.  Use any space off the fields for those exercises.  Also, please move the goals to practice shooting or penalty kicks.  The goals are only to be placed on their marks for scrimmages and games.  It is impossible to keep the goal areas and penalty areas covered with grass if every team practices/trains in those areas so move your training when you see worn or stressed areas of turf.
  8. If you have any questions about field usage, please contact Norb Sax.

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