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Welcome to Coaches Corner

Hello, my name is Kevin Lentz and I'm the Director of Coaching for Southern Chester County Soccer Association (SCCSA).  Over the last couple years the club has made a strong commitment to player development and its been exciting to see great results in such a short period of time.  With the launch of a new SCCSA website, I thought it was important to create a link between myself and the coaches.  Hopefully you will find this page (and the new website) full of useful links and ideas and as always, if you have any questions you can reach me

How to be a better Coach
As coaches we should want to be the best we can for the kids.  Often a great deal of time is spent on player development but what about development of our coaches?  There are many ways to develop as a coach whether it be from research, watching the game, watching other coaches train, or a formal coaching courses.  

Coaching Courses

There are some great courses offered by US Soccer, EPYSA and NSCAA.  In the recent past we had enough internal interest to host both an "E" course and a "D" course.  Please refer to the "Coaching at SCCSA" page for specific links to available coaching courses, or 
Click Here.

Reading Material

There is a tremendous amount of quality reading material available for the new beginner coach to the advanced coach.  You can find just a few of the recommended readings, depending on your level, by navigating to the Links tab under Coaching Material or Click Here.

Training Sessions and Ideas

It is said a good coach is a thief when it comes to drills and sessions.  You can find some great drills on the internet, in books and on the field watching another coach.  You can find some websites and books by navigating to the Links tab or Click Here.

Training Videos

I am working on some training videos that will hopefully be uploaded soon.  Stay Tuned....

If you come across any great sites or information that you would share with other coaches, please send to me and I will include on the site.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q.  Can you suggest how we should warm up the kids on Game Day?
A.  Yes I can.  I've put together a sample program that can be downloaded by Clicking Here

Q.  How often and for how long should I train my team?
A.  According to US Soccer, it depends on the age of the players.  Here are recommended training session frequencies, durations, and training to match ratios:


U6: 1 day per week U8: 2 days per week U10: 2 days per week U12: 2 to 3 days per week
45 minutes 45-60 minutes 60-75 minutes 60-75 minutes
1:1 1:1 2:1 3:1
U14: 3 days per week U16: 3 days per week U19: 4 to 5 days per week
75-90 minutes 90 minutes 90 minutes
3:1 3:1 or 4:1 4:1 or 5:1


Q.  What is the best formation to play?
A.  That is a tough question.  It all depends on the age group and the players strength and weaknesses.  No one system works for every team.  I would suggest you work with your club trainer who is familiar with your players and can provide some suggestions.

Keep the questions coming.  The ones that are relevant to the other coaches will be posted on the site.


The Evolving Game by EPYSA

For EPYSA's The Evolving Game webpage, Click Here

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